Just a quick re-blog as I am waiting for The 3 Runners next meeting. I have recently been reading up about audio for film as I am probably going to be on set for all of the filming as an extra pair of hands where ever needed and I want to make myself as useful as possible to the crew. Here is a great blog post by ‘Dare Dreamer Magazine’ about audio.

All the best,

Ellen Waghorn – Producer

Dare Dreamer Magazine

When producing video, audio is important. Very important. If you’re just starting out, make sure to spend as much time learning about how to get good audio as you do on video. To that end, I wanted to offer five audio-related facts I think every filmmakers/videographer should know. These aren’t necessarily the most important. There just some key points that are very useful to have tucked away in your brain.

Cable Types. As I mentioned in my “Live Event Filmmaker Survival Guide,” it’s important to have various types of audio cables so that you can handle every occasion. The most common ones you’re most likely to encounter are XLR, quarter-inch and RCA.

XLR connections are the ones most desired by professional filmmakers and videographers. One key reason is because most XLR cables are “balanced.” Without getting too technical, that simply means that the cable is constructed in…

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