It’s alive…but what will it be?


When I last posted, the 3 Runners project had just twinkled into existence.

I explained the bare bones of the ideas behind the project in the very first post:

  • A series of webisodes written, produced, filmed, acted and funded by a team of four creatives
  • The webisodes will focus on the experience of runners on a film set.

Whilst writing the last post I felt The 3 Runners Project was still just an idea, a very positive idea, an idea with potential but just an idea with no more guts than a puff of air. Now though, it is most definitely alive.

The four of us are starting to find our roles. I shall explain these in the form of a monster metaphor…

…Imagine that the project is Frankenstein’s monster (stay with me on this) and we are the different bits of body that have been stitched together.

Joe Law – I start with Joe mainly because his hair is so similar to that of Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein. He is frenetic and impulsive with a rare stroke of creative originality. If we are having a conversation it is Joe who will pipe up and manage to communicate what we are all trying to say. His skill is to spark off an idea as he seems to come at things from a slightly different angle to everyone else. As this saucy Doncaster lad is functional and fun he is our respiratory system including lungs vocal chords and lips mmm tasty!

Erica Morris – Ms Morris is a funny lady. She can take what seems like a completely unfunny item/person/event and without thinking about it turns it into a comical anecdote. She is a bit like a mechanic putting bits together to create something better. I believe she doesn’t even realise she is doing it. In the last meeting we were trying to sort out a plot line and she managed to pull it together with ease. Because of this I feel she must be the hands, very talented hands shaping the ideas as we go.

Vali Raza – Has the excellent ability to push an idea so far that I have to question whether it is too far. He will come up with an idea that is attractive but also makes your skin crawl at the same time, the kind where you laugh and then stop yourself because you are not sure whether it is socially acceptable to laugh. Though I have to admit that all of us are quite attracted to the darker side of comedy it is Raza who I have to pin point as the heart of this dark art. Yes, Vali has to be our dark but generally benign heart.

Ellen Waghorn – I am aware of the fact that I am the driving force behind the project and I am sure the other three will not mind me saying that. I wanted to start a new project and brought the others on board mainly via ego stroking and flattery (see above) because they are actors. They also deserve it but for goodness sake do not tell them! I organise the meetings send out the emails and harass people. I think therefore in our Freaky Filming Frankenstein I am probably the stomach. It ain’t glamorous it’s a little acidic but it does provide the energy to get you through the day.

All these elements are starting to come together quite nicely and I believe as a group we form a quirky but effective brain for our monster.

Though we are past the very start and it is “alive” we have a long way to go. Everyone is getting used to the idea that this is a large project, not in budget or the amount of people involved but in the amount of work that everyone will have to do to create something from nothing. I am absolutely convinced that we will create something but the question is what will it be? I know that I am working with good people but we have to be more than the sum of our parts. As a director who worked in sales for a long time said to me once,

‘everything you do should be for the benefit of the product not the benefit of yourself”

For us to create a great product we will all have to commit, give up ideas, let go of egos, admit to being wrong, not as good as another, not as clever as we thought. Only then will we be humble enough to accept that the creation of the ‘art’ is more important than any of us as, hopefully, it will be better than any of us could have hoped.

All the best,

Ellen Waghorn – Producer


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